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Nufarm is easy to Learn

The hallmark of the best applications is their ease of use. Simplicity is particularly important when the end users of an application work at the grassroots, where computer literacy is minimal and circumstances challenging.
When we developed Nufarm we kept the co-operative societys’ management teams and staff in mind—their circumstances and their abilities. While we endowed Nufarm with accounting capabilities, we provided it a remarkable intuitive Graphic User Interface (GUI).
This is because the GUI is built only with industry-standard icons one can quickly get started with! It requires no more than basic familiarity with computers.

Once installed, end users will find working on Nufarm a pleasure. This is because insightful comprehensive help is built into the system and only click away. Nufarm comes with a thoughtful package of user manuals.

Nufarm is easy to Implement

Nufarm comes with a wizard CD. Using the activation key provided, you can install Nufarm Software quickly. All through the installation you will be aided by the installation wizard in setting up the required folders, files and programs provided therein.

Nufarm is easy to use

Nufarm is designed for to cater for different users including management teams, dairy farm managers and other relevant officers/ staff who work closely or directly with the processes of running the society. Nufarm software is user friendly because all the processes follow a similar sequence across the various modules making it possible to produce accurate, precise and timely information to ensure speedy decision making.

Nufarm is flexible as you want it to be

Nufarm is no just easy to use, it gives you a flexible yet stable platform from which you can launch new schemes, expand your research and improve service levels. This is possible because of the ‘product definition’ facility in Nufarm.

In Nufarm you can create a new farmers file and update an old farmers’ record depending on the transactions done by the farmer and also calculate what money you owe to the farmer depending on the farm inputs given and the produce delivered by the farmer to the society at your calculated rate for that particular season and vice versa.

Nufarm offers you a robust and flexible accounting hierarchy consisting of general and sub- ledgers that can be mapped to the reporting categories specified by the regulatory body. This flexible architecture allows you to adhere to the strictest accounting standards, while generating user definable reports for various supervisory bodies.

Nufarm provides a secure environment and helps you stay connected

The Nufarm MIS system addresses your information needs for developing management strategies, improving service to farmers and reporting to various regulatory bodies.


Nufarm provides you with a secure environment to conduct your operations which is achieved at two levels:

  • Transaction Security and
  • System security.

We have adopted stringent and authorization protocols to ensure that the highest standards of transaction security are maintained in Nufarm.

The security of the system is not compromised as a user has to provide their Log In IDs and passwords.

With Nufarm comes the support you need from Open Arch Systems

Open Arch Systems is always committed to offering support to users in implementing and running Nufarm.
Installing Nufarm is a quick and simple process. Once you have installed, you will discover that the implementation cycle is just as quick.

Salient Features on Nufarm

Nufarm is a real time integrated farm output Management and Monitoring system. Being a modular system comprising of a core module, Nufarm gives the desired flexibility for phased module wise implementation to cater for the growth and future cooperatives’ needs.

The core Modules


High level of system security is an integral part of the Nufarm package. The users need a name and a password to log into the system. Each user is allowed access only to the functions adjudicated to him/her by the administrator.

Thus, a single individual cannot access another user’s account. The user is kept within the application and never allowed any access to the operating system commands. All the activities of the users are logged into the system.


Each and every transaction and update to the database has to be authorized by a second individual on the same day it is entered. This feature ensures that the error probability is low and also decreases the chances of fraud.

Records Maintenance

It is from this module that you register members of the society into the system and allocate or give them their identification numbers according to the societys’ system codes of ID allocations which eliminates double registrations and as well as de-registration of farmers on the system should they cease being members. It keeps track of all the farmers’ details and information from the next of kin to all his/her personal details of identification.

Farmers produce receiving module

The module allows for the receiving of farmers produce and updating of farmers records.

Farm Inputs requisition Module

This module makes it possible for the farmer to be issued with farm inputs, which will be recovered later.

Farmers Pay-Out processing module

This module is responsible for the payouts of farmers due.

Account Module

This module provides the accounting option for the system which includes cash payments to banking, from receiving Invoices to expenditure posting, to the generation of financial reports on demand and it is integrated with the Payroll module – whereby the farmers account subsystem keeps real-time balances and the farmers transactions as well as maintaining their file information.


This particular module which is integrated with the accounting module is responsible for the monthly preparation of each employee monthly pay.
By entering all the necessary allowances and deductions it re-evaluates and comes up with the employee’s net pay for that particular month. It keeps records for the employees and you can print a pay-slip from this point. You can also view an employee’s personal details.

Information Retrieval

It allows for varied summaries and detailed reports covering accounts, pay slips,
receipts, Bank Advices Slips etc, which can be printed on demand.

Advantages of Nufarm to Cooperative Societies

  • Seamless integration of the office transactions and the farmers produce deliveries.
  • Information is readily available on request or should we say “at your fingertips or a click away”.
  • A faster and cheaper product. In relation to its functionality, Nufarm is able to ship and process data in the most efficient manner cutting down on delays and improving on performance.
  • Standard user interfaces which makes it simple to understand and easy to use.
  • Efficiency booster. Nufarm in a very short time is able to improve the operations efficiency and output.
  • Customized reports on request.
  • Reduces implementation time, which means you will start seeing the benefits of the product within a shorter time.
  • Good audit trails that ensure data security.
  • Reduced set of operations which eliminates duplication of data and information.
  • It is a proven product. Nufarm has performed successfully in the country with different operators making it the only customized product that fits the Co-operatives’ Society’s needs and requirements.
  • Reduced cost on hardware requirements. Nufarm doesn’t require any special hardware during and after installation.
  • Reduced training cost due to its Real Time training technique.

Benefits realized when using Nufarm

  • System updates which increases the functionality of the system by adding new features that we believe are useful then or in the future.
  • Personalized system support. We believe in creating relationships that last for a long time. This means that we go a mile further to ensure that our clients are satisfied and we make field trips to check on our clients let alone calling them frequently. This includes an easier and timely technology we have embraced called “team viewer” which enables us sort our clients’ problems/issues arising through the internet thus eliminating any form of stagnation at their work places.
  • Transfer of useful knowledge between the management and the farmers, which continuously assist in improving their performance making them operate even better.

Advantages of having an integrated Solution

The following are the specific advantages of an integrated solution:

  • Functions Benefits
    • Availability of an integrated General Ledger.
    • No Duplication of static maintenance.
    • Central repository to capture members’ information.
    • Central repository to capture members’ transactions within the society.
    • Centralized audit tracking.
    • Ease in generating reports.
    • Single End of day and Beginning of day process.
    • Reduced number of operations controls in an integrated system.
    • Reduced number of manual interventions in an integrated system.
    • Automated accounting and book keeping.
    • Fully centralized liability tracking.
  • Implementation Benefits
    • Reduced time frames for the implementation of an integrated solution.
    • One time conversion of all data in the existing scenario into the new system.
    • Reduced investment of implementation.
  • Infrastructure Benefits
    • Reduced investment for an integrated system.
  • Training Benefits
    • Ease of training of one integrated system.
    • Knowledge can easily be reused by one individual in all the environments.
  • Total costs
    • Reduced support needs

Hardware Requirements

Computer Specifications
– A P IV 2.8 GHz would be preferred with a RAM above 512 MB
– Enough Disk Space probably 40GB or above

Software requirements

– Windows XPP – service pack 2
– Office 2003
– The users should at least be computer literate


– The implementation should take 2 (Two) weeks


We shall install the proposed system and ensure that:

  • A detailed user manual has been developed to assist the training of users.
  • Establish a training package for different levels of system users.
  • Training should also take 2 weeks, though it’s an ongoing process where we continue training and assisting the staff until they are fully knowledgeable on the system operations.