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The Software addressed the challenges in Transport sector, from Managing the Employees, to keeping records as well as producing an Output that would be relevant for any decision making within the sector. JNOTES in its other various product versions factored Fleet Management., Financial record keeping and financial disbursement by Micro-Finance Institutions as well.

Advantages of JNOTES To Saccos

  1. Seamless integration of the office transactions and the members’ statements.
  2. Information is readily available on request or should we say “at your fingertips or a click away”.
  3. A faster and cheaper product. In relation to its functionality, JNOTES is able to ship and process data in the most efficient manner cutting down on delays and improving on performance.
  4. Standard user interfaces which makes it simple to understand and easy to use.
  5. Efficiency booster. JNOTES in a very short time is able to improve the operations efficiency and output.
  6. Customized reports on request
  7. Reduces implementation time, which means you will start seeing the benefits of the product within a shorter time.
  8. Good audit trails that ensure data security.
  9. Reduced set of operations which eliminates duplication of data and information.
  10. It is a proven product. JNOTES has performed successfully in the country with different operators making it the only customized product that fits the SACCO needs and requirements.
  11. Reduced cost on hardware requirements. JNOTES doesn’t require any special hardware during and after installation.
  12. Reduced training cost due to its Real Time training technique.

Benefits Realized When Using JNOTES

  1. System updates which increases the functionality of the system by adding new features that we believe they will be useful then or in the future.
  2. Personalized system support. We believe in creating relationships that last a long time. This means that we go a mile further to ensure that our clients are wholly satisfied and we make field trips to check on our clients. This includes an easier technology we have embraced recently called “team viewer” which enables us sort your problems/issues arising through the internet thus eliminating any form of stagnation at work.
  3. Transfer of useful knowledge between the management and the members, which will continuously assist in improving their performance making them operate even better.